Is it just me or does everyone think if you need something done, get the Sunshine Coast to do it?

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Is it just me or does everyone think if you need something done, get the Sunshine Coast to do it?

Is it just me or does everyone think if you need something done, get the Sunshine Coast to do it?

In June 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me Five for Kids raised more than $600 Thousand dollars in a month.

That was a record amount, raised because you believed in the vision, an affordable accommodation facility for sick kids and their families.

Mix FM doesn’t hold on to the money after it is raised, it went straight into a Wishlist account, they combined it with other money raised and last month took possession of a block of land at Affinity Place Birtinya, walking distance to the hospital.

Wishlist then announced another ‘House The Coast Built’ was underway.  Ausmar Homes has jumped on board and with the help of generous suppliers construction will begin on a six bedroom six bathroom house in February 2019.

During the Give Me Five campaign this year, a paediatrician from the hospital approached me at Kawana Shopping World.  She just wanted to say thanks to the community for recognising the need for an accommodation facility close to the hospital.

Most of us, thankfully, will never know the pain of having a child undergo lifesaving treatment.  But I think we can guess the financial strain that would cause, not to mention the agony of having to kiss your baby goodnight and somehow find the strength to walk out of that hospital. Being able to sleep close by will surely help.

The House the Coast Built won’t cure any kids, but it will make like just a little easier for their families.

It will be a place for siblings to watch TV and have a life away from the hospital, a place for parents going through the same things to support each other or simply a place to have a cry where your child can’t see you.

So, we’ve got the land and we’ve got the bricks and mortar, now we need to turn the House the Coast Built into a home.

On the website listed below, you’ll find hundreds of household items that need to be bought, just like a bridal registry.  You can buy them in your own name or perhaps in the name of a friend for Christmas.

In the first 12 months of opening, the Sunshine Coast University Hospital treated 1089 paediatric patients who lived more than 50km from the hospital.

Another 340 mums were transported to our maternity unit to deliver their babies – often pre-term.

While our amazing medical teams care for patients, we know that people heal faster without stress and surrounded by loved ones.

The House the Coast Built will give sick kids the thing they need most, their family.

On the website you’ll find everything from laundry baskets to bed side tables, if you want to find out more just go to


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