Is it just me or does everyone think it’s good to have a dream?

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Is it just me or does everyone think it’s good to have a dream?

Is it just me or does everyone think it’s good to have a dream?

Next week we launch Mix FM’s Give Me Five for Kids.  Since the turn of the century we have raised roughly $4.4 Million.  That just feels like an opportunity.  Surely, this year, we can make it ‘Give Me Five Million for Kids.’

Why do we need $600 000 this year?  Because we plan to make life easier for the parents of sick kids by building much needed family accommodation as close to the hospital as possible.

Every night of the week parents of critically ill children are scrambling for accommodation in Kawana. Family accommodation not only relieves the financial and logistical burden for people whose world has just been turned upside-down, it also provides critical support between parents going through similar crises.

I hate talking about money but here are the numbers.  Last year Mix FM’s Give Me Five for Kids raised $403 000 in a month.  With hard work and the generosity of our tireless supporters we know we can match that this year.  Somehow, we need to find $200 000 more.  We’re nothing if not optimistic.

There is a lot of talk these days about purpose driven business.  Henry Ford was the first industrialist to prove that focusing on ideals rather than profit would lead to more profit.

In 1914 he stunned the world by doubling every workers wage and introducing profit sharing to ‘clean living’ staff.  His goal was that every one of his employees could afford a Ford Motor Vehicle.

On the Sunshine Coast thousands of businesses are determined to have a positive social impact, through thousands of charities and we thank you all.

If you’re keen on GM5FK there are lots of ways to get involved.  If you’re an artist or art lover, please be a part of our Art Auction on Tuesday June 12.

We’ve got trivia, bingo and poker thanks to Bart and Marie at Inquizitive Trivia.

The Travel Associates in Caloundra are running a golf day for us, I know Neil and Therese are still looking for hole sponsors and prizes.

Mark and Tanya Martin from Narellan Pools Sunshine Coast have again donated ‘Sam’s Pool’ in honour of their beautiful boy.

You can bid to have the Mark and Caroline breakfast show broadcast from your business, with every cent you pay going directly to the kids.

Sun City Travel in Caloundra are offering another family holiday.  There is a trip to Borneo thanks to Wild Spirit Adventures, a wedding extravaganza and a $500 ticket in the ultimate marketing package.

You might have something to donate, something you want to buy or a bold new plan we haven’t thought of yet. Trust me, we’re open to suggestions.

If you haven’t got a dream, how can you make a dream come true?


Caroline xx

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