Is it just me or does everyone think many hands make light work?

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Is it just me or does everyone think many hands make light work?

Is it just me or does everyone think many hands make light work?
Last week I told you the story of my friend Lisa, a coast woman who desperately needed a wheelchair friendly car.
Lisa had raised $13 Thousand, but she needed to double it and that’s what you did, Sunshine Coast. Lisa asked if I would hand over my column today, for her to say thanks. It was my pleasure.
Wow! That’s my first word after the tears started streaming when I read what Caroline wrote last week. My name is Lisa, probably better known now as the car girl.
I am in my last semester of my business degree, and I have had this pesky little ‘friend’ called Arthur-right-arse (arthritis) since I was 2.
I met Caroline one day in Kmart. I still remember that day, this vivacious tall woman started chatting to me and I realised it was Caroline from the radio. Suffice to say I was a bit awe struck. I saw her around from time to time and she always would take the time to talk to me, which isn’t easy when you’re in a hurry and I need to type everything.
I have been thinking all year we need a car. My child has got the ‘it’ factor – I know all parents think that, but I’ve had strangers tell me he needs to be in drama or dance.
I’ve looked into all the options and ways of getting him there; and it’s just not realistic without a car.
All I can say is how humbled and grateful we are that the Coast, our home, has given so much – you’ve not just bought a car, you’ve changed our lives.
To all those who donated, I cannot thank you enough, when we get the car we’ve made plans to come and meet you all to thank you in person. That will be our first road trip.
For those who’ve donated from businesses, if you have business stickers, I’d be honoured to display your stickers on our car.
I am getting around to writing emails to everyone individually, but until then, thank you so much.
I’m not usually one to accept charity, I grew up with the attitude there’s always someone worse off so I had to swallow a lot of pride to let Caroline tell my story.
You’ve also taught my son a huge lesson. This week he’s been struggling with an assessment, I said to him, “There’s always a solution… last week I didn’t know how I was going to afford our car and look what happened.” I made him email his teacher to clarify what he needs to do. Suddenly he came out and said, “Mum, I’ve found a solution, look…” and that’s just a little bit of what you’ve given us.

Caroline xx

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