Is it just me or does everyone think the only thing we have to fear is fear itself?

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Is it just me or does everyone think the only thing we have to fear is fear itself?

As I write this article, I am terrified.
Terrified the work lotto syndicate, of which I am not a part, will win Powerball tonight and tomorrow morning I will be the only one left in the office.

I am battling my conscience – kind of hoping they will win because I love them, but not really, because it’s the point of being in the trenches together, isn’t it? We’re stuck here. Nobody gets out alive, and if they do then it’s just not fair on the others. Even if it’s their own fault for forgetting to bring cash to the office.
My husband always tells me not to worry about the things I can’t change but that is better said than done.

The good news is, I read a couple of articles this week claiming worrying can actually be good for you. Worrying was linked to recovery from trauma and depression, as well as good habits like regular cancer screenings or giving up smoking. Worriers tend to be more successful problem-solvers, higher performers at work and better at handling stressful events in general.

I’m glad to hear that because I have got a lot to worry about.

Money for instance. Not only do we never seem to have enough now, but we don’t seem to be putting any away for later. I have this big fear that as all our friends are jet setting around the world on bus tours for old people, Johnny and I will be sitting at home on the non existent pension eating chum and yelling at the grandkids (who live with us too, because we couldn’t help their parents with a deposit on a million dollar on site van at the Woombye Caravan Park).
And on the subject of non-existent grand kids, what the hell are we doing with their ozone?

What about Natalie Imbruglia, is anyone else worrying about her financial situation? I see her partying with rock stars, but surely the cash from ‘Torn’ ran out years ago? Is she just a good saver? A side hustle I don’t know about? What?

Is Georgia Love from The Bachelor ever going to get married? I mean Matty J and Laura are engaged with a baby and they were on the season after.
Will Levi 501’s and Dr. Martens ever come back in fashion?
Was there room for Jack on the door?

And should you say, sincerely or best or cheers or love when you sign off a letter?
These are the things that keep me up at night. That and the thought of my colleagues filing out the front door en masse, while the losers stay behind and worry about who is going to answer the phones.

Caroline xxx

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