Is it Just Me or Is Everyone a Little Lackadaisical?

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Is it Just Me or Is Everyone a Little Lackadaisical?

Is it just me or is everyone a little lackadaisical?

I’ve been really lucky in my life. I live on the Sunshine Coast, I have three healthy happy kids, a husband who still loves me and a job I really like.

That all happened by accident. Jobs just came along, or didn’t. John is the only real boyfriend I ever had and I didn’t even know where the Sunshine Coast was when I applied for the job.
On Tuesday I was forced to take part in a personal planning day. I can usually dodge this sort of stuff by inventing an important interview or client meeting but my highly successful boss claims he has been goal setting every January for 30 years and he insisted. I think I might be a convert.
I know you’re rolling your eyes right now, God knows I was this time on Tuesday. But bear with me.

First, shut your eyes and imagine it’s New Years Eve, 2019. Imagine the house is quiet and you’re all dressed up, ready to go out to a party. Keep your eyes closed and imagine walking around your lovely home. See how nice it looks, take a wander to the backyard, see the lights on the lawn, maybe you are holding a drink.

Now think of all the things you have achieved this year. Think about your family, what makes them so happy tonight? Did you go on a holiday together, or did the kids get good results and you’re really proud of them? Think about how good you look and feel. And think about your job, how proud you are of the work you do and what you have achieved. Be specific. Think about your pay rise or promotion, how safe and secure you feel.

I won’t go on, you get the picture. If it’s too hard to do that alone, shut your eyes and have a friend or partner talk you through it. It’s not complicated, imagine being someone else if you like, and what you think their life might feel like.

Then write it down. Be brutal (because no one needs to see it unless you want them to) and be bold. Richard Branson says if your dreams don’t scare you they are too small.

Make a list of five professional goals, five health and fitness goals, five recreational goals and five goals for living your best life. And under each goal write what you need to do to achieve it. Do you need to go to bed earlier, ask for a promotion, spend less, walk more or put down your phone and talk to your kids? Set a time line to tick each box and you’re done.

I’ve started with short term goals and I’m working on writing down some bigger ones.
See you on New Years Eve, with our eyes wide open.

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