Our phones have taken over our lives.

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Our phones have taken over our lives.

Our phones have taken over our lives. Well, my life it seems of late anyway.

My phone actually does not ring after I dropped it on concrete. Which is kind of ironic because I use it for everything else except speaking. It texts, accesses Instagram, maps, Google, my playlists and emails just fine, but you cannot speak to me on my phone.

I am pretty sure the phone was invented to speak on not to be used as a camera with really cool filters and mojos as a bonus. I spend more time with my phone than I do with my friends or husband. This non-phone phone situation cannot last because I obviously need to speak to my husband and kids and boss at some stage of my week because one day there is going to be an emergency. But for now, we all just text and live in our little silent bubble.

In fact my hubby and I do a very sexy ‘check in’ text at dusk every day: to check if one of us needs to buy milk or bread. Yep, pretty steamy chat goes down at about 5:30 while I am at work that goes along the lines of this:
ME: “Hey Babe! Do you think you could get a 2 litre full cream on your way home and some multigrain please?”
Him: “No probs. Might go crazy and get some white bread. LOL. I will grab some dog food too.”
ME: “White Bread! I married the man of my dreams”.

Oh how times have changed when it comes to what we used to text each other. And sometimes if I want to throw my hubby a little afternoon delight I will text him a picture of the kids. Yep, we know how to party! The reason I have not had the phone fixed is the plain fact I am lazy.

I know the phone will be replaced as it is under warranty but I also know I have 13 thousand photos on my phone and my “To Do” list for the last 3 years has been to delete some of this spam. But there are also really precious memories of birthdays and Christmases in the thousands of blurred images and non-flattering selfies. Once I down load the photographs to my laptop they do not stand a chance of ever being looked at again.

On top of that my husband wants me to bat for the other team. When I say that, he wants me to switch from Apple to Samsung. A first -world controversial problem indeed for our technology-obsessed society! Have you heard about that kid on YouTube who makes $11 million dollars a year from YouTube reviewing toys? I kid you not. This little 7-year-old has a cult following and my 3 kids all worship at his endless toy alter.

Ryan is the ‘host’ of videos shot in his bedroom by his mum and dad. Ryan also makes me feel I have failed in life. How can a kid in grade 2 make enough money to buy a couple of small islands complete with private planes, cocktail slushy machines and 24-7 messages on offer?

Because that is the practical way I would spend my money if I made that insane amount every year. So maybe I need to fix my phone at long last and start a sweatshop at home for producing You Tube videos.

Sami xx

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