The Class of 2020

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The Class of 2020

So here is some advice from my old work mate, Toddy, and myself to the young ladies and gents leaving school behind in 2020.

Your year has been a tough one but now it is time to go forth and find yourselves your own place in this crazy, beautiful and gloriously messy world. Between us Todd and I have have 7 kids, 5 dogs, 9333 grey hairs, and we have done a combined total of 92 laps around the globe. Surely there must be one tiny piece of advice that resonates with your heart and head.

Sing in public! It does not matter if you are not good, after all Justin Beiber has mas made a career out of it.

Learn to play an instrument. Lads, trust me, the ladies dig a fellow who can play guitar.

Always, no matter what, maintain a sense of humour.

Have respect for others.

Make friends with someone who has a pool.

Do not be afraid to try new things whether it is the hottest curry on the menu or sky diving. Although probably do not try the hottest curry on the menu and then go sky diving!

Dance like no-one is watching because chances are they are not because they are too busy looking at their phones.

Do not send nudes.

Climb trees and mountains and swim in rivers and the ocean.

Make sure you treasure your grandparents, they know a lot of stuff, you can learn from them.

Wear zinc or surf mud.

If you do not already know how many calories are in a zinger with cheese do not ever look it up!

Be kind, be brave and be sure the garage door is all the way up before backing out.

Learn another language, there is nothing cooler than ordering Chinese food in Mandarin.

Listen to your mum and dad and no matter what you think or how you feel about them over the coming years, they love you more than anything. And as boring as it sounds. They will only want what is best for you and at some point you will realise your Mum and Dad are actually pretty cool people.

And here’s a thought, drink from a tap, we did and nobody died.

For the boys, respect girls. It all starts at home with your mum or your sister. Trust me, they are pretty damn special!

And most importantly, back yourself, no matter what you face in the future, hard maths, pimples or a broken heart: just have a go! You survived one of the strangest years in history, so just remember, you got this!

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