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Tinder Jobs

As if life is not hard enough if you are a lonely and looking for love, now the on line dating service Tinder has released a new study of the jobs deemed the most likely to make a potential suitor ‘swipe right’.

Tradies, teachers, council employees and shop worker are nowhere to be found.
For those who do not speak fluent Tinder to swipe right means a good thing as that person is interested in your profile picture which you have probably run a few filters over and edited to within an inch of its life. Well, that is what I would no doubt do anyway. It turns out the most swipe-worthy jobs are pretty much the same professions that feature in lots of fellow’s wildest dreams. Female life guard tops the list, followed by cabin crew and nurse. I don’t know about you but how many female friends do you have who wanted nothing more when you were in high school but to grow up and patrol the beaches of the Coast as their full time profession? Zip? Nil? Nada? Me too.

Pamela Anderson and those red togs and ugg boots have a lot to answer for! It is a wonderful and critical role to save lives but it just seems out of the realm of well reality for most of us. For me it would take up far too much time shaving your legs and ensuring your bikini line was good to go around the clock. And in Winter time, it would be the pits having to rescue some tourist when we all just want to be in our trackie sipping hot chocolate. Guys do not think like us do they? Remember that Venus and Pluto saying! And number 2 on the sexiest job list is fight attendant. Oh, boys! So predictable! I am pretty sure flight attendants must get so sick of being underpaid and having to pander to rude travellers. I come back to my recurring theme of us women often just wanting to wear tracky dacks and sip hot chocolate.

Things have not changed so much since the world was fascinated with the uber-hot Virgin crew members and their tight-fitted pencil skirt uniforms a few decade ago. But us females are just as predictable if perhaps less sexist and shallow when it come to the jobs we find most alluring in the opposite sex. It seems we are a sucker for anyone who nurtures and cares, as the number one most swipe-worthy job for blokes is a paramedic.

I guess it ticks all the boxes: there is a uniform and there is an ability to look after you if you are ill. My husband is wonderful but I do not think he notices if I am practically dying of a cold at times. Following behind in second and third spots in the sexy job ranks are primary teachers and fire fighters. Dive instructors and personal trainers are also on the list. It seems anyone who would look hot in a calendar is pretty much a shoe in to make the cut.

I am married to an accountant. Sadly this profession has not made the shortlist for sexiest job. But I say to him: “Don’t worry honey, I love the way you wield that calculator and whip up a spread sheet like a boss”. Each to their own when it comes to love!

– Sami xx

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