Women are always learning from other women.

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Women are always learning from other women.

Women are always learning from other women. My 7-year-old daughter could not look more physically different from me, but we stand the same way with our hands on our hips, she uses the same turn of phrases as me, and she even drinks out of a cup the same way as I do. We soak up the ways and words of women around us from the day we leave the womb and that continues through school and into the work place and on social media.

So in honour of Mother’s Day, I asked the important mums in my world for their advice to get through this at times tough life with as least bumps and bruises as possible. I know Mum’s Day is a day of dread for those of you, who have lost their mums or do not have children, but this advice is universal and who does not love to head the advice of a wise woman who has more than likely walked in our steps before us? My mother-in- law, Betty, has 4 kids and a wicked Irish sense of humour. Betty’s laugh is infectious and most troubles in life are shared over champagne and a patient ear. Betty taps her champagne flute when it is empty which means she needs a top up and let me tell you we have had many a night with so much tapping it sounds we have Michael Flatley in the house upstairs. Betty’s only fault is the fact she is completely bias when it comes to her 7 grand children and we often laugh at her divine comments on Instagram raving about the beauty of each one.

We could post a picture of a troll and beautiful Betty would write with enthusiasm “This is the most beautiful grandchild and troll I have ever laid my eyes upon. Look at his cute little knees and that shade of green skin is perfect”. We love her comments. They are rainbows that we bank in our hearts. “My advice to my kids has always been to believe in yourself. Love yourself (but not more than others) and treat others with compassion. Never give up in life as every situation can be fixed. Ask for help when you need it. And lastly, ‘TRY’ spells cannot,” said Betty. My wise mother-in-law has also followed her mum’s advice (who had 11 kids and knew a thing or too about raising a family) her whole life. Granny Reilly’s advice is so simple and yet not many of us follow it. It is: “Always find something good about someone.

They may have nice teeth. If you look hard enough there is always something nice to comment about.” My own Grandma used to say “Do not have high expectations of anyone and then you cannot be let down.” Funny in a way but very true! And my own mum did a pretty amazing job raising 3 kids by herself. At 77 years of age she is as feisty as ever and independent. She has always taught us to keep friends close and to dress warm no matter the occasion. This used to drive me mad as a teenager when I had a flat stomach and crop tops were in fashion but my mum would forbid me to wear them. Of course looking back I now think, “Well played, Mum.”

So my mum’s best advice to other mums is to “constantly remind your young children their WILL be consequences if they do anything wrong as you must teach them right from wrong and they must learn from their mistakes and they must learn responsibility.” We will not be inviting my mum to stay for a while until we clean off the black felt pen from our walls after our 3 year old decided to be creative on our white walls. And I will leave the last words to Mum for us all: “Have a good sense of humour and treat people as you would like to be treated as life is short but oh so wonderful!”


Sami xx

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