Who else is keeping Glad Wrap in their fridge? Apparently it is a clever life hack to stop the cling wrap from getting all mangled and twisted when you try to tear off a section of it.  My friend Ellie swears by this tip.  I personally like to keep my tattered and torn roll of glad wrap buried under five rolls of half-used hand towels beneath twenty plastic bags that are never handy when I actually need them at the supermarket. I digress.

Easter eggs are filling our fridges this week but Ellie’s Glad Wrap hack got me to asking around  as to what other unorthodox items are stashed in the refrigerator. Perfume apparently keeps longer and stays more potent if it’s in the crisper. Our baby sitter places opened packets of JATZ crackers in the fridge. Genius. The cockroaches cannot get inside the packet and somehow they do not become soggy.  

The best tip I heard was from my buddy Luke who places wet mail and brochures in the fridge. No word of a lie. Luke says the fridge somehow takes away the moisture from the paper and hey presto! you have dry mail. Eggs, tomato sauce, and opened Vegemite are all controversial fridge dwellers. Rod says he keeps his opened self raising flour in the fridge to keep away the mould. Candles and batteries are also unlikely suspects to be found with your milk and cheese. Batteries are supposed to be stored in a cool and dry location.

This makes the fridge perfect. The low temperature prevents the electrolyte fluid inside each battery from depleting.  So the batteries have a longer shelf life (literally).  My buddy Marie whacks her dark Denim jeans in the fridge when they need a wash. Marie swears the fridge gets rid of any whiffy smells and kills the bacteria on them in the process. And make up lovers swear it’s best to keep lipsticks, foundation and lip pencils in the fridge. 

My mind boggles at all this conjecture.  All I know is this Easter my fridge will be groaning under the weight of Turkish delight eggs and rocky road.  There will be some chilled wine and plenty of Tim Tams so this really will not leave any space for strange things such as dirty jeans that will wait most patiently for me on the floor.  

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