“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people,” said Victor Borge. Well, if you want some laughter, maybe some tears, some uncomfortable moments, and to also meet some really awesome people, then have I got the night for you!

Mix Fm’s Give Me Five for Kids raises money all through the month of June, funds generated from 38 events benefit sick kids and their families through better hospital care here on the Sunshine Coast. This year there is a new event that is making me lie awake at two am in a cold sweat! “Hilarity For Charity” is apparently where I am going to make my debut as a stand up comic.

What seemed like a great idea to enthusiastically say yes to in front of a boardroom full of my bosses, has now manifested into a recurring nightmare featuring a crowd, me on stage and very uncomfortable silence as I tell my jokes, Oh No!! Public speaking is a hard task, but being tasked with making people laugh is enough to make anyone dry reach!

Thank goodness the gig is at a pub and with any luck the entire crowd will be drunk, or at least on the way (this includes me). There are proper comedians performing including Nicky Wilkinson, Dave Eastgate, Ting Lim and Chris Martin. My on air radio partner Todd will also be there (also possibly drunk).

Now, anyone who knows Todd knows he is funny so his five-minute set is sure to bring the house down with jokes that will be delivered with precise timing and brilliant story-telling abilities. As for me. Well, I am not a naturally funny person, I also have terrible timing when it comes to hitting a punch line.

What were you thinking saying yes to this Samille? I’ll be like those politicians who try to make jokes, but worse! I have decided to go with the topic of being a shopaholic for my material. I figure the funniest people draw on things from real life and anyone will tell you I do love a shop. I mean, I live by the saying if the shoe fits buy it! (in every colour). Today, I ordered a chicken and an egg from K-Mart. I will let you know which one comes first.

A few weeks ago I said to a shop assistant, can I please try on that dress in the window, she said “honey I would like some extra male customers but you probably should try it on in the fitting room”. How am I going? Okay I need to find some much better jokes as soon as possible!

The gig is on June 28th at Your Mates Brewery at Kawana. Thank goodness alcohol will be encouraged. Tickets are $30 and you can buy them here: https://www.wishlist.org.au/event/view/hilarity-for-charity.

Thanks in advance for pretending to laugh or at least just not booing me.

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