To stay young at heart I believe you need to regularly update your sunglasses and your vocabulary.

Shrinkage is that unfortunate situation referring to blokes and their body parts,  but shrinkflation is a new buzz word that is doing the rounds.

Shrinkflation is used when talking about Chocolate bars, ice creams, even the time Netflix gives you to stop watching before they start another episode. The price remains the same for these goods and services, but the quantity is shrinking.

Drinkflation is another new word that refers to prices going up but pour sizes going down.

Virtual Fashion is another new term being touted by many around the globe that has a definition of the design and sale of fashion clothing and accessories for virtual platforms and avatars. I hate this idea of it being just fashion on your computer.  That is hardly exciting and it will not help us in the least when we need to go out and have literally nothing to wear because we spent our pay on stupid make believe outfits on the internet. Give me a new actual handbag I can stuff with dozens of items and clutch under my arm any day compared to a virtual bag that I cannot smell or feel.

Metaverse is another new word that is set to get bigger this year thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.  I read the definition of this word about a million times before I gave up because it also involves living your life online and in a virtual reality space. Metaverse is mega hard to get your head around.

No, people, no!

Some things you need to do for real in the actual world like walk in the sand and watch the sunset.

Finfluencer is a fun new word getting around that refers to influencers who focus on money related topics. And lastly the Hard Pass has been added to the list of new words and definitions in the dictionary in 2022.

Hard Pass is my favourite saying and you can use it in many ways including, “It is a hard pass for me when it comes to going out on a Friday night when I could be very happy at home with my dogs and pyjamas.”

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