Just when you thought our world could not get crazier the debate has erupted again over where you keep your tomato sauce? I do not think the debate is crazy. I think it is a long awaited conversation we need to have as adults. But I think the hierarchy at Heinz have gone bonkers.  They have revealed the correct way to store tomato sauce is in the fridge. “FYI: Ketchup goes in the fridge!” the official Heinz United Kingdom twitter account shared. 

The first insult and massive fault in their ridiculous statement is calling the condiment ketchup. But my blood pressure cannot take that debate so let’s focus on the storage war. We keep our tomato sauce in the pantry. Because who wants to put cold sauce on hot meat pies? Because who wants hot chips with cold sauce? Because we are civilized humans and not animals. Because it is where it belongs. The first bottle of Heinz tomato sauce dates back nearly 150 years as it was first invented in 1876. Let me leave you with something… I accidentally rubbed ketchup in my eyes. I now have Heinzsight.  Sorry. What a terrible joke.

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