Vanilla Slice.  The sexy minx of the bakery shelf selections.  The golden cube that glimmers and makes my taste buds sing.  It is part of our culture.  Fancy enough to feel like a custardy velvet treat and yet simple enough to remind us of our grandparents and slow walking trips to the bakery. 

Well,  the Sunshine Coast has been robbed with the release of the latest list of the best top 10 vanilla slices in Australia. We did not make the cut.  Outrageous.  I asked my friends where they think the best cubes of custard are sold across the Coast and the avalanche of responses on my Instagram stunned me.  I had the taste of being an international influencer with my 35 (!) friends who replied.  Thanks guys. I will remember you all when I am on my yacht in the south of France snapping photos of myself for social media and drinking fancy orange cocktails. 

My radio buddy Toddy calls them snot blocks and says Bucks Bakery at Landsborough has the best vanilla slices in the region. Except Todd calls them Snot Blocks. Well known chef, and local legend,  Matt Golinski led the charge with his recommendation of La Maison Du Pâtissier at Meridan Plains.  Matt claims the bakers are magicians and says the off-the-Richter-scale vanilla slice really should be called a “La Block De Snot.” My buddy Kat says Bli Bli bakery is the bomb for custard creations. Laura leans on Ricks on Sixth Avenue in Maroochydore for her hit of vanilla slice.  Katrina vows Pacific Haven Bakery at Currimundi holds vanilla slice supremacy.  Colleen praises Dutchy’s Bakehouse. 

The list is long as my friends are clearly connoisseurs of the best bakery good going. Pete’s Village Bakery at Yandina, Wonky Loaf in Kulin, Gluten Free 4 U at Caloundra and Sunrise Mudjimba all scored many votes. Of  course, the colour of icing on top is controversial.  Pink. Passionfruit.  Yellow.  I do not care.  Just feed me them. The panel of judges in this latest national competition sampled 590 baked goods from 143Aussie bakeries over 2 days.  Sounds a great gig hey! They were searching for the perfect pastry top and bottom that is not too gluggy with a soft icing on top and a smooth and creamy custard filling that is firm enough to not run everywhere when you bite into it.  

I am confident the Coast bakeries deliver product in spades. So, I am going to have to do some serious research and taste testing and get back to you with the results.  Who is with me, people? We could hit 30 bakeries before Christmas and indulge in those yellow wobbly squares that make me weak at the knees. 

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